Our next cat show!

Date: 2nd and 3rd of November 2019

Place: Heistadhallen, Porsgrunn, Norway

Contact: grenlandspusen@gmail.com 

How to register for our showhttps://www.nrr.no/show-entry

Invited judges

We have invited 7 judges to our next show, and these have accepted our invitation:

Name of Judge      From country / 
Membership country  
Judges in the categories
Veikko SaarelaFI/FIAllround
Vladimir IsakovBY/HUAllround
Yan Roca FolchFR/ESAllround
Bobby FunkDE/NL1, 3, 4C
Raymond SaetreNO/AT1, 2
Caroline StoaNO/NO1, 2, 4
Martin UrbanCZ/CZ3, 4

How to enter and how to pay

Information about this will come closer to the show in 2019.

If you are norwegian member of FIFe cat club, you can enter here through the Norwegian MyCats.

Read more here how to create an account and log in:


For other options how to enter the show, contact the show-secretary of your own club.

Places to stay

Hotel Phone Comment
Comfort Hotell, Porsgrunn

+ 47 35 19 0010 


29 standard rooms where they allow pets. NOK 250,- addition for each stay. 7 minutes walk from trainstation.
Clarion Collection Bryggeparken, Skien tlf +47 35 91 21 00 Has multiple rooms for pets. Opens more rooms for pets if needed.
Thon Hotell Skien tlf +47 35 91 21 00 Has multiple rooms for pets. Opens more rooms for pets if needed.
Skien Fritidspark tlf +47 35 54 10 40 Call for availability
Quality Hotel Skjærgården, Langesund tlf +47 35 97 81 00 Has 4 rooms available for pets.
Farris bad, Larvik tlf +47 33 19 60 00 Has 4 rooms available for pets.
Hotell Wassilioff, Stavern
tlf +47 33 11 36 00            
All rooms available for pets.


RV parking:

There are a few spots outside the show-hall where you can park an RV.

Cabins, RVs and camping:

There are some areas whith cabins in the area. But seeing that it is winterseason, mostly everything will be closed.

If you have an RV or a camping-trailer, there is a limited number of parkingspots in close distance to the show-location. (On the same ground as the show-location).

Places to eat

Both Skien and Porsgrunn has a good selection of restaurants. We recommend you to check Tripadvisor!